You do good work, right? Let your work sell itself.

Share your work today – land even better gigs tomorrow

Brag broadcasts your work, gets the right people to reach out, and helps you respond with exactly what they need to hire you.

👋 Hello, fellow service provider!
Do you...
  • ... struggle to post fresh project updates?
  • ... find your social channels scattered?
  • ... waste time digging up project references?
  • ... have an inbox full of vague quote requests?
Embed our tools in your site or generate a website for
your business
Learn how our unique features help qualify leads and respond quickly to drive next steps.

What if... 🤔 your past work could truly sell itself?

Connected modules – share your work everywhere and find high-quality clients

Project Showcase

Highlight your best work with online profiles and case studies.

Pricing Cues

Optionally tag projects with price ranges to qualify inquiries.

Rapid Estimates

Demolish procrastination – send ballpark estimates within minutes.

People Profiles

Share photos, bios, even resumes of your team (or just yourself).

Client Testimonials

The words of happy customers are one of the the best ways to brag!

FAQ Builder

Elegant formatting and SEO-friendly rich-snippet markup.

Printable Assets

Generate PDF's for business cards and brochures as leave-behinds.

Embed or Generate

Embed modules in your website or generate a simple website.

Social Sharing

Optimized layouts + cards for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Integrate Anywhere

You or your developer can build a custom website (or anything) in "Headless CMS" mode.

Workflow Booster

Add your marketing team to share full-res photos and project write-ups for re-use in custom design work.

Blazing Fast & Secure

Unlike Wordpress or Drupal there's no software running on your website for hackers to exploit.

You're proud your work – show it off in style!

Brag is a multi-channel portfolio, website generator, and rapid estimating tool for service providers
Woman holding a portfolio document with stars

Tell a compelling story

Showcase your work with vivid case studies, project briefs, and client testimonials to engage and inspire.


...synced across channels

One place to gather content for web, social and print. Your choice how and where to publish.


...and find aligned clients

Respond quickly to quote requests with rough-yet-realistic estimates that build trust and reduce friction.

How Price Cues Work

Calculate what you'd like to charge for a similar project – anchor expectations while building trust and momentum.

screen shot of workspace settings

Contextual price cues can significantly improve the quality of inbound requests, so you spend less time chasing sales that aren't likely to close.

When you add projects, specify upper and lower ranges for the time and materials it takes to do more work like this.

Screen shot of pricing ques on project

A visitor clicks See Pricing / Request an Estimate on a project they like.

The potential customer sees only the lower and upper range along with your custom disclaimer text, and fills in their email + request details.

😍  Requests arrive on your dashboard pre-filled with the original line items – ready to customize and reply in minutes!

Screenshot of a team profile

Wondering if Brag is right for your service business?

Are you a contractor, creative, marketer, installer, artisan or even a consulting professional (eg. legal, accounting, engineering fields)? Brag works great anywhere that case studies of past work and friendly team profiles will inspire confidence and motivate leads to engage.

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Pre-Launch Questions

When can I try Brag?

We're hard at work! Our current launch target is Q3 2021, but launch list members will be the first to know (and will get a sneak peek before then 😉)

What will Brag cost?

We are still working on pricing, but you can be sure it will be excellent value considering how much time and friction it will save!

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